About Hollywood Vape

As a Kiwi-owned brand that specialises in E-liquids, we want to stand out from the crowd and be New Zealand’s go-to vape juice of choice which is why Hollywood Vape was founded. Our dream is to create E-liquid flavours that will not only taste great but will make it so you will not go back to cigarettes ever again – and we believe that our dream has been achieved.

After many attempts and countless testings, we are proud to say that our vaping liquids are of ‘Hollywood’ status. All Hollywood E-liquids and Nicotine Salts are made in the US – using the latest machine and standards and bottled in a certified cleanroom. Just like a good bottle of wine, all of our vape juice is kept in oak barrels for up to 6 months to ensure that it is steep to perfection. You can be sure that each bottle is rich in taste, satisfying to vape, and suitable for all kinds of smokers and vapers.

“Real tobacco taste without the smoke”

For those seeking the perfect tobacco taste when vaping


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